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UN ‘Joint Investigative Mechanism’ report on Khan Shaykhun proven inaccurate, politically biased

By Marcello Ferrada de Noli, professor emeritus. Chair, Swedish Doctors for Human Rights.   Editor’s note: This analysis is also found as official document of the UN Security Council, Doc S/2017/1010. Introduction Carl von Clausewitz (1780–1831) [1] meant that war is the continuation of politics by other means. Instead in this modern episode, politics acts as the continuation of war: At the same rhythm in which the Syrian army and Russian forces, as well other allies, progress its irreversible military victory, the losing parties in the conflict seemingly assay to compensating their defeat by means of salacious political manoeuvres. The strategy of deposing the secular republic presided by Mr Bashar al-Assad, via financing pro-sharia fundamentalists that for years terrorized the Syrian…

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Statement on deletion attempts of Wikipedia article on SWEDHR

By Professor Emeritus, med dr Marcello Ferrada de Noli (Ph.D.), chairman, Professor Emeritus, med dr Andres Romelsjö (Ph.D.), vice-chairman, and Dr Lena Oske, MD, on behalf of the Board of Directors, Swedish Doctors for Human Rights (SWEDHR) Introduction SWEDHR is, per definition, committed to the defence and respect of Freedom of Speech, civil liberties, ideological pluralism, and human rights for All. As defenders of Freedom of Expression, our policy is not to interfere with critical reports in media or social media about our organization and/or its members, unless it would entail inaccurate publishing of essential facts about the organization or its members, or contain statements that commonly would be considered slanderous libellous. After a SWEDHR report authored by Prof Ferrada de…

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The Fake News attack by Dagens Nyheter on Swedish Professors and Doctors for Human Rights

What’s behind the front-page attack on SWEDHR by Sweden’s leading newspaper? By Professor emeritus Marcello Ferrada de Noli, chairman, Professor emeritus Anders Romelsjö, vice-chairman, and Dr Lena Öske, in representation of the Board of Directors, Swedish Professors & Doctors for Human Rights (SWEDHR).   During the telephone interview with DN –solicited by DN just some hours before the two-page reportage was published– Prof Ferrada de Noli reminded of a definition of “Fake news” that he has published in The Indicter and on Twitter. He said to the DN journalist Mikael Delin (needles to say, not cited in the article): “Fake news is not only when journalists twist an information, or when they invent an information. Fake news is also when…

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What’s behind the terrorist attack in Sweden?

By Professor Marcello Ferrada de Noli, Editor-in-Chief, The Indicter Magazine. The newspaper “Izvestia” contacted me for a comment on the terrorist attack perpetrated in Stockholm April 7, 2017. This is my opinion, which I addressed to journalist Anna Khalitova of the newspaper “Izvestia”: Donald Trump has proven being mistaken about some important issues. The last missile attack he ordered against Syria in retaliation of an unclear (to say the least) event, is the latest of such mistakes in the geopolitical scenario. It is about  an alleged gas-attack attributed to the Syrian forces, and where –to the best of my knowledge– no substantial evidence has been put forward. The risk being that, about this particular item, history might end placing President Trump…

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Assange’s UN Victory and Redemption of the West

The Indicter, Vol 2, Nr 29, 11 February 2016 By Nozomi Hayase, Ph.D. Member of The Indicter’s Editorial Board Last week, the United Nations Working Group (UNWG) on Arbitrary Detention ruled that journalist Julian Assange had been subject to arbitrary detention by the Swedish and British governments and that it must end. The Center for Constitutional Rights noted the significant precedent in the law of detention and the larger implications this has, not only for Assange’s case, but also for the protection of whistle-blowers and refugees around the world. For the last five and half years, Assange has been detained without charge (first in solitary, then house arrest and now confined in the Ecuadorian Embassy). Over these years, the prosecutor’s repeated…

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A trip down a 5-year long memory lane in relation to Mr Julian Assange and the UN ruling on his arbitrary detention.

By Dr Leif Elinder and Dr Martin Gelin, Senior members of Swedish Doctors for Human Rights, SWEDHR. A deep interest in one remarkable man’s fate in the hands of various justice systems, have resulted in the below unpretentious recollection. Hair-raising insights into once regarded as highly functioning and just legal systems and their workings and unquestioned by the masses have been laid bare. The world owes Julian Assange and a number of very dedicated, hardworking people, a big thank you for relentlessly shining the spotlight on suspicious looking actions between countries and between governmental departments.  In an all-encompassing 5-year fight to lay their hands on Mr Assange, the opposite effect to intended has indeed occurred. A shameful cloud hovers forever…

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