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The Iranians are in Syria legally, while U.S. occupation troops are there illegally

– On Russia’s decision to deliver S-300 air defense system to Syria   Editor’s Note: Prof. Marcello Ferrada de Noli, our editor-in-chief, was interviewed by Sputnik International 25 Sept 2018. Here below some edited excerpts. The original interview was published by Sputnik International, headed “S-300 Deliveries May Help Deter Any Power to Strike Syria – Professor“. There was also an aired live-interview on a similar subject, and with a transcript published by Sputnik International with the heading ‘Iranians Are in Syria Legally, They Were Invited by Syrian Gov’t’ – Professor“. /Dr. Lena Oske, acting editor at The Indicter Magazine.   1. What is your assessment of Russia’s decision to deliver a modern air defense system to Syria?   The decision is…

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