Propaganda for war by proxy: Rebuttal to Martin Kragh’s flawed analysis in Swedish J Social Sciences 2020. Part 1

By Prof. Marcello Ferrada de Noli

Doctor of Medicine in psychiatry, professor emeritus of epidemiology.

Founder, Swedish Professors and Doctors for Human Rights SWEDHR

(From the coming book Sweden’s Geopolitical Campaign, Libertarian Books Sweden, 2021. ISBN 978-91-88747-25-9)



It was year 1897 when a Swedish military officer of name Claes Grill launched the initiative to raise a monument  on a Poltava field, in honour of Sweden’s Karolina fallen soldiers.[1] Idiosyncratic predictable, sooner the noble initiative evolved among chauvinist elites to be a memory to Sweden’s past empire in the Baltic area, a needles self-reminding of what they seldom forget to refer as to “the era of great power” (stormaktstiden). [2]

In the middle of a febrile monarchy-sponsored campaign to collect funds for that monument, an aristocratic general of name Oskar Magnus Björnstjerna, also Sweden’s first foreign minister, suddenly reminded to the academic public that, in fact, it was in Poltava, in Russian soil, where the defeat of the Swedish army by the Russians in 1709 marked the end of “Sweden’s era of great powers”.  The idea of raising a monument to fallen Swedes in a Poltava graveyard would have been somehow embarrassing, was the underlying argument. [3] So, other initiatives instead should be taken to tackle the post-Poltava sentiment.

That same year of 1897 it was founded the Swedish Journal of Political Sciences.

And it was meanwhile general Björnstjerna, the count’s son who couldn’t bear that title because he wasn’t the eldest one, was never mind happy to have been elected a top member of the Royal Swedish Academy of War Sciences ­–the institution aimed “for the study and analyses of defence and national security issues”. [4] There he could further agitate his strategic project on Russia.

Noteworthy in this context, another member of the Royal Swedish Academy of War Sciences is nowadays the current chief-editor of the aforementioned Swedish Journal of Political Sciences: Magnus Jerneck ­– described also as “post retirement professor” at the Department of Political Science, Lund University.[5]

Well, after all, being that royal academy a “forum for military (army and air force) and defence issues”, [6] ­–from a hawkish, belligerent right-wing ideological perspective that is– it is not surprising to find among the publications of that public-funded institution a sheer defence of Martin Kragh.

Good old Martin is a political researcher who has been singled out as allegedly instrument in Sweden of “Integrity Initiative”. Being this outfit a spy, spooky, spurious organization financed among other by the British Intelligence apparatus and the UK Ministry of Defence. Needless to say, its target being all the same: to disinform about “archenemy” Russia.

Therefore, neither is a surprise that if any in Sweden who would dare to ask an investigation about Kragh, including established mainstream media journalists,  it shall per default, pejoratively named “a-sort-of-communist”. That is what exactly  it reads in a publication of the Royal Swedish Academy of War Sciences– a piece devised to defending Kragh, for he really needs it.

Or shall I better say, ‘protecting’ Kragh. Although in these contexts the verb to use should perhaps be ‘covering’.

And neither it was a surprise when now Post retirement professor Magnus Jerneck, the editor of the Swedish Journal of Political Sciences –aka member of the said Academy of War Sciences– ignored a formal  claim by this author to the right of rebutting in the same journal the false and libellous statements by Martin Kragh on Swedish Doctors for Human Rights.

To his falsehoods about SWEDHR statements, Kragh even added a detrimental description of our organization to the readers of Swedish Journal of Political Sciences. Precisely as the apparently per-default instruction of Integrity Initiative, he describes Swedhr as “a group of far-left activists”. Instead of referring as to what we are:

A non-governmental organization of Swedish professors and doctors, with roots in the Swedish peace movement of the 70’s, aiming to expose the human rights infringements and war crimes atrocities perpetrated by the powers which Kragh obeys to, and that are silenced by the Swedish institutions which help to finance the biased, ergo non-academic ‘research’ activities of Mr Kragh.

And I wonder if such a denial to a rebuttal from the part of that journal, which is published at Lund University, a public institution, would not be illegal. Besides of being, in my opinion as former scientific member of a Swedish ethical committee for research, academic unethical.


One may wonder where this widespread anti-Russian sentiment among Sweden elites is rooted. I mean, among those who are not doing it for the money or to preserve their positions of privilege.

What would be the cause of that seemingly deep animosity, that “phobia”, or whatever it has been called to describe the sentiment of Sweden’s elites and its hired researchers against Russians?

Could it be that simple that it is rooted in a revanchist feeling for the  Poltava defeat of 1709? or in the memories of ancient Sweden-Russian wars that preceded the collapse of Sweden’ s “great powers time”?

Or is instead much ingrained in the Swedish aristocracy’s repulse of the October Revolution of 1917 in Russia, when leftist revolutionaries thrown the monarchist Duma’s provisional government and marked the ending of aristocracy privileges? Let’s not forget that Sweden is a monarchy. And monarchy and democracy is a terrible contradiction of terms. Monarchy not only represents, but it is actually based in a) the notion of by-birth privileges, that not all are born with the same rights, b) the principle that the public (the non-privileged by birth) has to pecuniary sustain those expensive privileges of the born in the right dynasty.

Ergo, the fact is that very many  Swedes spend their life, all along, either themselves venerating or even worshiping the monarchic institution, or accepting without protest that obvious incongruency. Monarchy and Democracy is a contradiction of terms. By principle, monarchy is antidemocratic, and ‘democracies’ that venerates the inequality and the born privileges of the ‘royal houses’ are hence vassal institutions.

“Democratic” Sweden is in true a deep-rooted monarchy system, where the antidemocratic privileges of the royal house (not even of nobility origin) [7] are untouched.

To make things worse, the nobility of the current Swedish royal dynasty was invented by decree at the political decision-making corridors of Stockholm. As I have previously explained, [8]  by the end of the 1700s, Jean Baptiste Bernadotte was a soldier of plebeian origin that became general in the popular ranks of Napoleon’s army, thanks to the French Revolution. However, due to his military misconduct as judged by his commander in chief, [9] Napoléon Bonaparte removed him, and evicted him ostracized to one ultimate distant point from Paris, within then French Empire. That resulted being Ponte Corvo, a tiny Italian village of population about 5,000. From there he was picked up by the Swedish envoys. Later in Sweden he was made noble by political decree.

Or if it has geopolitical-related causes (a further development on the historical/geopolitical Benardotte issue in my book of 2021, “Lo Paradojal de La Vida. Reflexiones dialécticas” [10]

Or if it is for real, or just the deployment of a propaganda thing to provoke a war mobilization in benefit of a Swedish industrial-military complex, in tight alliance with the UK and the US. That these peoples are frantic propagandists for a full NATO membership is no secret. Neither is a mystery that they appear equally ignorant about the military capability of the Russian armed forces, or even about what history praxis has defined as casus belli.

The Swedish elites replace the nostalgia of a bygone imperial time of prestige –a hard currency in Swedish idiosyncrasy– with a delusion of political and military might: Sweden is best, and all in the Baltic region should copy its model. As all the world should copy Sweden epidemiological strategy in the virus war.

Martin Kragh’s recent paper at the Swedish Journal of Political Sciences contains  multiple academic, factual, and methodological flaws. [11] ­But, as in the exception that confirms the rule, the Uppsala University researcher is there nevertheless right in identifying SWEDHR as being first to expose his alleged secret association with the UK Intelligence organization “Integrity Initiative”. We continue here our denouncing endeavour.

All we want is peace

Those in power who want war, need war, and even have an unmistaken past of promoting it for ends of conquer, colonizing, enslaving, and predating the soil, the gods and goods of other countries. Those will hardly admit, if ever, that all they want is war.

Neither war would be possible without a national sentiment of hostility, developed amidst the domestic masses against the nation-target. What those in power would do instead to create such public attitude and to “moral” legitimate the geopolitical move (in a combination of political, diplomatic and military efforts), is to contract scholars in the supermarket of pens to hire, aka the unscrupulous bazaar of journalists and researchers stripped of humanity, the disregarders of academic ethics. They are more conveniently  to be found abroad.

(What do I mean with a sense of humanity? Nothing more than what is in the constitution of all the so-called civilized Western democracies: that all humans are born equal,  all have the same rights, that all lives have the same value. And that homicide perpetrators shall go to jail.)

As an example, Nazi Germany never had an academic institution for racial research. It was instead established in Sweden, in Uppsala, under the name “State Institute for Racial Biology” (Statens institut för rasbiologi). [12]

Propaganda by proxy, we could say, of foreign powers using domestic assets to disinform their respective national publics. They have existed as long international conflicts have existed. They thus constitute the real oldest profession in this world.

Since Gutenberg’s invention of the printed word in 1440, those opinion doers have contributed with their apocalyptic written narratives to a massive holocaust which has amounted billions. A carnage of human beings coinciding with the dawn of modern times, with no parallel before in history. Since the British War of the Roses in 1455, continuing with the slaughter of indigenous population by the Spaniards in nowadays Latin-America 1579-1572, [13] and to the current Yemeni war.

Yes, the forgotten war in Yemen. Where the richest countries in the region put their might together behind the Saudi led,  to bomb unabated the population of the poorest country of the same region.

And where the UK and Sweden support the attacking coalition with weaponry aimed to bomb and destroy unabatedly, to kill mothers and to orphan their children, to fumigate with tons of explosives the few plants left,  to incinerate roofs and walls and to burn to death innocent domestic creatures. All life shall be scorched. All the oil shall be  taken. All they want is profit.

And a war against Russia for the predating of Eurasian markets? And for a successfully completion of the ‘regime change’ program in the Middle East? That war which the local and transoceanic warmongers have wished since Hillary Clinton’s “Russia will pay a price”? [14]

Warmongering by proxy

Well, that warmongering which poor little angel eyes Martin Kragh wish to represent in Sweden, albeit the phony output of his non-research,  that warmongering if it becomes war it will however not be waged against a defenceless country.

We would all perish in that war, except those who shall manage to activate the one-way ticket to the U.S. recommended by my former Swedish super right-wing patriots nationalists Russia haters relatives-in-law. They had those already in their pockets –just in case it would happen what they wished it shall happen: a revanche war against Russia.

I mean that we Swedish citizens shall be first mobilized to the front line, as it is in the strategic design of NATO. Swedes, Finns and Norwegians. That is what we are for in the plan.

Thereafter peace would be signed for the US and the UK’s sake, just prior the all-nuclear exchange would start against them. As it was in the Cuba crisis of 1962. But at that moment the people whose national security Kragh pretends to advocate for, they are already all death. Aa all their brothers, fathers, sisters, children and grandchildren. The old Wasa warship will be sank again, together with all Strandvägen, together will all Stockholm city. Together with all the rest of main towns, all the plants and rivers and fishes.

Does Kragh and his warmongering colleagues reflected on that when in December 2013 it was known that the FRA –the Swedish version of the NSA (in fact, working for the NSA)– has been a conspicuously an active part of Quantum, and hacked on Quatum’s behalf. [15]

A notable Swedish scholar then reminded where cyber spying provocations may eventually lead.

Professor Wilhelm Agrell, one most respected international-conflict researcher, argued that Sweden’s secret cyber warfare operations directed against Russia –a collaborative enterprise of Sweden with the US military which was exposed by Edward Snowden in 2013, could be equated with an act of war. In the professor’s  own words:

“Cyber ​​warfare, if it is directed against vital infrastructure in another country, can certainly be tantamount to an armed attack.” [16]

And you don’t need to cyber-spy on their weaponry. Just check YouTube, like in this upload by the US-based site Military Update  titled “Wanna Fight Russia? Meet this Russia’s New Nuclear Superweapons and Strategy”:

All those perils and risks of nuclear confrontation will of course not exclude the destiny of NATO’s Europe, including those countries devised to be its cannon fodder.

What Kragh and associates should instead do, it is starting to  follow our sensible advise which we published in DN,  synthetized:

Seek instead to solve eventual disputes with the Russians in the negotiation table.

And what those grievances would be about after all?

In sum, we, the Swedish professors and doctors for human rights (SWDHR)[17], are in the main only concerned with preserving peace, with trying to convince political actors to stay away from provoking war,  or keeping the stupid stance of brushing aside propositions for maintaining peace.

What we ask the authorities of our country, is to cease interfering, or support other powers’ interfering in other countries internal whereabouts –by militarily invading them or other means– while in fact those interventions either hide an economic agenda for profit to their corporations and some politicians’ own pockets,  or a geopolitical agenda devised to expand political territories and areas of influence. Like de Baltic project now emerging amidst the Swedish warmongers, their generals and their academic proxies.

What we ask Sweden’s governors is to return to the path of honour, to really care for the human rights for all. To really understand that the primary of human rights is the right to live.

Those after war are those after death. Those were who patched on their helms the skull and bones of the slayed.

Those are the Nazi and their proxies SS.

Those are who decent armies fought against. Like the one of Churchill, like the one of the Red Star. While others provided the Third Reich the gearwheels to keep the torque of their industrial killing machinery.

“Because Russia’s annexation of Crimea…”

The hawkish Swedish Minister of Defence, Peter Hultqvist, together with the top commander of the military, Micael Bydén, have been monotonously repeating since 2014 the mantra that we need to further intensify collaboration with NATO, more weapons, more soldiers, etc., “because Russia’s annexation of Crimea heightens tension in the Baltic”.

They say that in present time, but that was seven years, and after that no incident of that nature has ever happened. The reiteration of the reiteration voids their sentence of content. They don’t get it. Or they expect people to sign for NATO in exchange to be liberated of hearing the same wearisomely litany…

That sounds more and more like the voided repetitive litanies of those heard in prays devised by catholic priests to be repeated by the naïve indigenous folks, in a language they would never could understand (“ora pronobis”). But that was the point, that the alienated folks have to swallow the authorities’ cocktail prepared for them, which mixes the argumentum ad verecumdiam with the argument ad baculum.

As we wrote in DN 2015: “We believe that the US war in Iraq and the NATO operations in Afghanistan and Libya, which after a reinterpretation of UN resolutions resulted in more than a million dead, is a much worse violation of international law than Russia’s annexation of Crimea, real popular support and without death.” [18]

Has Martin Kragh, and/or his associates at the Swedish institutions financing his “research”, ever comment on that?

The real ‘democratic problem’ is not Martin Kragh’s flawed Russophobe research, but its echo chambre in Sweden orchestrated by Western Intel ops behind. It’s the risk for war.

All we want is peace.

Krag’s tabs

Kragh’s falsehood number one

Martin Kragh states in page “On 27 November 2018, one of their [Swedhr] galleon figures, Marcello Ferrada de Noli, appeared in an interview with Sputnik that was about how the Nordic region has apparently proved to be an integral part of the British intelligence service (Sputnik / Urdupoint 2018a; The Indicter 2018 ). [19] But the first of Kragh’s above cited sources, “Sputnik / Urdupoint 2018a”, [20]  is an article titled instead “Anonymous Finds Russia’s Navalny’s Associate, Browder Among UK Intelligence’s Clients”. Nowhere in that article appears my name, neither a reference to an interview with me.

Kragh’s falsehood number two

The second cited article, “The Indicter 2018”, [21] used by Kragh to falsely source his statement about me,  correspond to my piece “How UK’s Integrity [disinformation] Initiative backfires?”. However, neither in that article there is a reference to “Norden” (Nordic region) as such. The subject of the article was not, as Kragh disinforms, “about how the Nordic region has apparently proved to be an integral part of the British intelligence service”.

Instead it referred in the main to the possibilities of re-establishing a dialogue between Western countries and Russia. It also reminded that in the exposures about Integrity Initiative regarding Sweden, specifically:

 “Names that appear in the country-section “Sweden” –according to the hacked document–[22] would include Swedish citizens  which occupy, or had occupied, leading positions within institutions related to the ministry of defence (like FOA, the Swedish Defence Research Institute), or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (like “Swedish Institute for International Affairs”), or at the “Swedish Defence University” (which is “responsible for the research and education on national and international security”).[23]

Also, one of the alleged participants in the contact list from Sweden, would correspond to a person who was formerly appointed as “Secretary of the Cabinet Working Group on Defensive Information Operations”.

Kragh’s falsehood number three

Martin Kragh writes, “In May 2019, Ferrada de Noli claimed for the Russian newspaper Izvestia that Kragh was involved in a secret British global system of ‘torture and executions’ (The Indicter 2019).” [24] He gives as reference my article “UK government financing torture and executions”. [25]

Truth Nr One:  I did never name Martin Kragh in that article!

Truth Nr Two:  Russian newspaper Izvestia has never published an article authored by me on that subject, neither I have ever submitted such an article for publication.

Kragh’s falsehood number four

Kragh states that the first ones that linked him to the Integrity Initiative was the circle around the Swedish Doctors for Human Rights (SWEDHR), I quote:

“a group of political activists with a background in the far left who have attracted international attention for their defence of Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad (Dagens Nyheter 2017). Their reports, which have repeatedly absolved the Syrian regime of responsibility for the use of chemical weapons against its opponents, have been quoted regularly in Russian state media but also by Russian and Syrian diplomats in the UN Security Council (see Sputnik 2017). The members of SWEDHR have no documented competence in chemical weapons, and their conclusions are contradicted by the UN’s and OPCW’s own investigations (Coda Story 2017).” [26]

The facts:

About Kragh calling us activists:

In Swedish academic circles, only racists, or some chauvinist fascists, deny the title professor to Swedish appointed professors born in other countries outside the NATO perimeter. Whereas all members at SWEDHR Board of Directors are either Swedish professors and/or Swedish medical doctors. Some have given in Sweden the academic “title of distinction professor emeritus”, not to be equalize with that of “retired professor”.

About Kragh calling us a a group of political activists with a background in the far left”:

At SWEDHR, the only doctor with a proud background in his early youth in a revolutionary organization, active in the armed resistance against fascist dictator Pinochet, is this author –And yes, over a half century ago, I was, then, 22 years old when together with my university peers and others we founded MIR, [27] in which founding congress I participated as libertarian socialist. [28] Later in adult life I have been categorized as left-liberal (DN, ) or liberal with a conservative past (Ystad Allehanda ). And yes, I was co-author in 1965 of MIR ‘s military strategy. [29]

Politically, most members of SWEDHR are or have been members or sympathizers of the Liberal Party, the Social Democrats, Left Party, and the Greens. What SWEDHR stand for, and done, can be read at the site Swedish Professors and Doctors for Human Rights. Politically considered (and also ideologically), Martin Kragh himself is a prominent activist –at the service of the NATO design.

In these regards, most of the disinformation enterprises Kragh participates in are government-funded, and NATO-funded. It should be added, that Integrity Initiative is also financed by UK Ministry of Defence and the Intelligence community. Our organization SWEDHR is, at the contrary, absolutely independent, and receives no financial support from any government, institution, or corporate entities.

About Kragh repeating the defamations and erroneous facta in the pro NATO publication Coda Story:

Those inventions, inexactitudes and distortions printed against SWEDHR have been Those inventions, inexactitudes and distortions printed against SWEDHR have been thoroughly debunked, item after item, in my article “Interference by journalists on sovereign opinions of professors, academics, and independent researchers, comprise infringements to Art 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights“. See Table below:

Coda Story’s disinformation on SWEDHR
Quoted items in order of appearance in the article published May 2017
True facts contradicting Coda Story to 100% Verifiable proof

1. “The video from the makeshift emergency room was used as key evidence that the attack was in fact fake news. All of the Russian reports omitted a crucial fact: the video was two years old.”

SWEDHR has NEVER concealed the date of the uploaded video by the White Helmets. The right uploading dates are clearly given in our reports.

Sputnik has in several reports correctly described the video’s origin (Sarmin) and date:

a) “In March 2015, the White Helmets claimed that the Syrian army carried out a chemical gas attack in Idlib province. They published pictures online of the alleged attack and a video purporting to show a child suffering from the effects of a poison gas attack, being treated by medics.”

b) “Incident on Sarmin, Idlib, on April 15, 2015, medical rescue scenarios depicted in White Helmets videos had obviously been staged.”

c) “El vídeo de los Cascos Blancos en el que apareceel supuesto ataque con armas químicas del año 2015…”


White Helmets macabre use of children for propaganda aims [14]

Update on White Helmets’ medical misconduct. [15]


a) White Helmets ‘Made Up Syria Gas Attack Story in Campaign for No-Fly Zone’

b) White Lies: ‘Syria Civil Defense’ Caught Faking Rescues, Doctoring Dead Children

c) La propaganda exterior de la Federación Rusa. RT y Sputnik y su cobertura mediática de la GuerraCivil Siria. Universidad de Sevilla (See page 76).


2. “Amnesty International in Sweden… say they never heard of SWEDHR.”


Amnesty Sweden did know about SWEDHR. Over a year before the ‘denial’ published by Coda Story, had Amnesty referred SWEDHR stances in email communication to a journalist:
KILTR (Scotland) journalist Erik Sandberg asked Amnesty Sweden for an interview ref. an article in The Indicter  6 March 2016 about Amnesty Sweden, signed by M.F de Noli, “Chairman of Swedish Doctors for Human Rights (SWEDHR)”. [16] Amnesty’s Amy Hedenborg replied by email 11 March 2016 after she read the SWEDHR piece: “the claim in [The Indicter’s] article is complete nonsense and without any substance”. [17] The reply of Amnesty is also referred by Erik Sandberg in the interview uploaded 18 March 2016. [18]
The SWEDHR article commented by Amnesty 11 March 2016:

Former paid agent of Swedish Security Police dictated Amnesty Sweden’s stance against Assange [16]

At 18:15 in this video,  journalist Sandberg reads the Amnesty statement email commenting the SWEDHR article of 2016. [18]

3. “SWEDHR, describes itself as an ‘alternative NGO’.”


Swedhr IS an alternative Swedish NGO: [19] At difference of “mainstream” NGOs, we
are not financed by government funds (as Amnesty Sweden), or corporate sponsoring. We do not follow the ideological/political lead of those in power, as  HRW or Amnesty do.

Statement in the Journal of the Swedish Medical Association: [20]

SWEDHR is an independent organization

4. “The Swedish Society of Medicine and the Swedish Medical Association all say they never heard of SWEDHR” The Swedish Medical Association had reported already in October 2015 in its official journal “Läkartidnngen” on a SWEDHR statement ref. aerial bombing of a MSF hospital in Afghanistan


About Kragh preposterous assertion that SWEDHR acts in defence of Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad’s use of chemical weapons against its opponents:

We never said that, or have had that stance;

We have only pointed to the lack of verifiable evidence contained in the allegations of  the White Helmets (also financed by the UK and other NATO countries) regarding two of those incidents (Sarmin 2015 chlorin-gas allegation, and Khan Shay Kuhn 2017 sarin-gas allegation). And we were proven right:

In February 2018, then U.S. Secretary of Defence, General (Ret.) Jim Mattis, announced in a press conference that they do not possess evidence of a sarin attack in Syria. [30]

Some days after, the French Defence Minister, Ms Florence Perly, declared that neither France has confirmed evidence of chlorine attacks in Syria attributed to the government forces. [31]

Concerning Kragh’s libel on that I would lack academic competence to issue any comments on the “evidence” presented to sustain those specific allegations of gas attack: My main contention have referred the epidemiological data provided by the White Helmets (on hospitalizations, injured, fatalities, recoveries, symptom presentation, injury diathesis, etc.) which severely contradict basic epidemiological science. About being professor of epidemiology, my latest assignment at the Karolinska Institute was to serve as head of the Research group of Cross-Cultural Injury Epidemiology, where one of our themes was estimation of war injuries.

In his little-round investigation on SWEDHR, Kragh and/or his  assignment providers have undoubtedly gone, or should have gone, through all materials published by SWEDHR when scrutinizing this organization. Particularly what The Indicter has published on the reported connection of Kragh with Integrity Initiative. However, and noteworthy, he does not mention at all a central article in which I write about his role. It is the piece “Integrity Initiative scandal reaches Sweden amidst deceiving media debate on Martin Kragh.” [32]

I thus repost some texts relevant to this rebuttal to Kragh:

Kragh, White Helmets, and SWEDHR

Martin Kragh and supporting writers who are coordinated with or without the knowledge of British Integrity Initiative, have since long had SWEDHR as one of their targets. Professors emeritus at SWEDHR are among the specifically targeted by Kragh or other actors around him. In addition, Kragh has also offered himself as a provider of Swedish-language information regarding SWEDHR, to CNN’s national security analyst Michael Weiss, also executive editor of “Coda Story”, a publication known for strong anti-Russia propaganda. [33]

As early as 2017, Martin Kragh characterized SWEDHR as only “left-wing extremist [sic] actors who get space in Russian-controlled channels” in an interview in Swedish Yle. [34]He did not say a word about what we had said and neither he referred to the facts that were the basis of our analysis. Our descriptions of geopolitical incidents of medical relevance were not political opinions, but instead our fact-based conclusions. That is the reason why our conclusions  were the subject of interviews abroad, and not only in Russia –another fact which Kragh and collaborators chose to totally ignore. Such behaviour does not belong to a good Swedish scientific research tradition.

For example, we stated that the material that the “White Helmets” (an organisation created and funded by the UK) showed in the UN Security Council in March 2015, was no evidence that chlorine gas was the purported cause of death of those children –that were displayed in a macabre propaganda scene done in the White Helmets footage.[35] Later in April 2017, we found that there was no evidence that sarin was used in the Khan Shaykhun incident. [36] Once again, the SWEDHR fact-based arguments were silenced. Later, it was only publicized (DN) that my analysis of this issue was presented by the UN Security Council by the Russian delegation. [37] [38] However nothing about the content of that document was mentioned by the media in Sweden.

As pointed above, later on February 2018, US Defense Minister Jim Mattis admitted that the US had no evidence that sarin gas had been used in Syria. One week later, French Defense Minister Florence Parly said about the same regarding the alleged chlorine gas attacks. So we were proven right. (See footnotes 30 and 31).

Nevertheless, despite this clear “exoneration”, in December 2018 an attack with the same obsolete narrative took place anew by a Foreign Policy Institute’s associated researcher against Professor Emeritus Anders Romelsjö, [39] named in his capacity of SWEDHR’s Vice Chairman. This without the writer stating that our observations have been correct, according to the official information given by the defence ministers cited above. Professor Romelsjö replicated in [40]

The happenings around the White Helmets related above may now be better understood in view of the current leaks commented here. These leaks also include a document recording the Integrity Initiative representatives participating in a secretive meeting [“closed-doors meeting” as referred there] with the White Helmets, and which would have taken place at the Institute for Statecraft. [41]

The time in Sweden in which journalists or academic activists as Kragh indulge themselves in throwing away indecent, groundless, and evidence-deprived attacks against  honest researchers – as it consistently has been done against us at SWEHR– must be over.

To question and/or investigate a given – dominant – narrative does not automatically make the investigator a supporter of a particular political side. On the contrary, it is the researcher’s main task; to question, scrutinize, and create new knowledge and new insights.

Furthermore, it is now high time to seriously investigate whether Swedish academics, journalists and others in the publishing endeavour participate in a structured activity led and funded by foreign powers –with the aim of lobbying on the decision-making of Sweden’s defence and foreign policy on behalf of those foreign powers’ and their own interests.

Some conclusions

What I have said in Integrity Initiative scandal reaches Sweden amidst deceiving media debate on Martin Kragh, remains untouched:

Kragh’s declarations do raise important questions, some of them related to Sweden’s national security:

a) Why would Integrity Initiative –a secretive project managed by Statecraft– keep the name of Martin Kragh in a current document exclusively listing the organisation’s cluster-leaders three years after Kragh has ‘never been there’?

b) And if it is not Kragh, then, who is the actual Cluster leader in Sweden? And coordinating whom?

c) Why would Statecraft / Integrity Initiative have  a “cluster” of Swedes, let alone a “cluster coordinator”, operating in Sweden in the first place?

d) If the operations deployed by those “clusters” were not of an ‘Intelligence’ (cover disinformation) character, why the clusters’ existence, its activities and members’ identity have been concealed?

e) Why are these questions not addressed –never been addressed, up to here– in the Swedish debate on this issue?

Seemingly, in order to defuse any further investigations that would lead to inquire into who are the individuals or organizations that the “Cluster coordinator” would have been “coordinating” on behalf of the Integrity Initiative operations in Sweden, the Swedish media sat in motion a forceful campaign to counter arrest the exposures. This has comprised the following steps:

  1. Disinformation to the public about the actual nature of the Integrity Initiative project, whitewashing both its clandestine and operative interventions in other countries. The Swedish media reports do not even name “Integrity Initiative” as such, but only the Institute of Statecraft.
  2. Converting the reports on the leaks identifying Kragh as a “personal attack” against the researcher, allegedly motivated in “old-time” issues he had with a single reporter.
  3. Deviating the discussion towards the topic of the scientific value in Kragh’s article about ‘Russian disinformation against Sweden’, all which the stream media managed pivoting to:
  4. The notion that “ in fact were the Russians” which started the “unjustified attacks” on Kragh –which is today is portrayed at the Swedish press as both victim and hero.

In other words, an “Integrity Initiative” typical design.



[1] The name of the monument, who was finally placed in Stockholm, became “Åt Sveas fallna söner” [To Sweden’s fallen sons”]. Inaugurated in 1904. Source: Magnus Rodell, “Fallna svenskar och fortifikationer i vildmarken – om det ryska hotet och medielandskapet kring 1900”. Kungliga Bibliotek. Libris, 2008.

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