Our aim is to analyze human right issues with international impact. We also examine and share geopolitical-relevant news about Sweden that otherwise would remain known only by a self-affirming Swedish governing class and commentariat. Conversely, we give interested Swedes an insight on the international opinions about Sweden, which the state-owned and mainstream media restrict. The few media sites that publish in English from Sweden are heavily financed by the Swedish state and are devoted to a pro-NATO agenda of biased news despite Sweden’s ostensibly neutral status. Furthermore, we have advocated for Sweden to abide with the UN decision (UNWGAD) and requested the immediate freedom of Mr Julian Assange, the founder of Wikileaks. We maintain this stance regarding the U.K. Not complying with that resolution has put Sweden in a most precarious situation regarding its credibility as “human rights” loving nation.

Our magazine, originally an initiative by Prof Marcello Ferrada de Noli (founder of Swedish Doctors for Human Rights, SWEDHR), published its first issue in November 2015.  Since February 2017 The Indicter Magazine became independent of SWEDHR, becoming its only publisher Libertarian Books Europe  –an editorial firm registered at Sweden’s Tax Agency and the Swedish Companies Registration Office (Bolagsverket).

Background: While implementing the initiative of founding Swedish Doctors for Human Rights, the need of a publication to allocate our statements did arise. The publication, “SWEDHR Research & Reports”, took the format of a research bulletin and has published 57 reports in two volumes. Afterwards, realizing that the journal’s content was referring predominantly to a Swedish thematic – added that some reports were in Swedish- we found necessary to establish a new publication focused on more general geopolitical subjects in a wider international context, yet associated with human rights issues. Ensuing, “The Indicter” was born, and it took definitely shape in November-December 2015, and right from the beginning we have published using technical equipment provided by Libertarian Books – Sweden.

The Indicter Magazine watchword read from the start:


In meetings of the Executive Board 4 and 8 of January, followed communications with the SWEDHR Board of Directors on January 9, 2017, it was decided to make The Indicter Magazine totally independent of SWEDHR. The Indicter Magazine and The Indicter Channel is a non-sponsored and independent outlet. The production is done by Libertarian Books Sweden, and it receives financing from nobody. So far we have not asked our readers for donations, and we are fighting hard to staying that way. Site stats recent updates:

20 December 2020 = 504,318 viewers

We reached the half million viewers in October 2020:


Acting chief-editor of The Indicter

Nina Cross is a writer and independent researcher who has had investigative articles published in The Indicter and several other independent media outlets. A significant project involves a series of Freedom of Information requests to various British institutions in regard to Julian Assange and other relevant international political and human rights issues. Her FOI’s have also revealed UK funding for Venezuelan media outlets and civil society groups politically opposed to the Venezuelan government. Nina Cross graduated from London University, and she is pursuing a Master’s degree in translation studies. Her languages skills include English, Spanish and French, and she has also studied Chinese. Ms Cross has been Acting Editor-in-Chief of The Indicter since September 2021.

THE INDICTER’s Editorial board


Chair, Professor emeritus, med dr i psykiatri Marcello Ferrada de Noli, (PhD, Karolinska Institutet, Sweden). He is the founder of The Indicter and of the NGO Swedish Doctors for Human Rights (SWEDHR). He is also CEO of Libertarian Books – Europeand founder of Professor emeritus of epidemiology and international health, doctor in psychiatry (Karolinska Institutet), he has been a research fellow and lecturer at Harvard Medical School, and formerly Chair of the International and Cross-cultural Injury Epidemiology Research Group at the Karolinska Institutet. The professor is author of several books, among other Sweden VS. Assange – Human Rights Issues, and Sweden’s Geopolitical Case Against Assange 2010-2019, one theme that has been paramount treated in The Indicter magazine. He has had extensive participation in the Swedish and international debate on issues of public health, human rights and geopolitics; i.e. exclusive interviews by TV4 Sweden, Swedish State TV (Svt), Sputnik News; as well interviewed by Deutsche Welle, Telegiornale RAI Genova, L’Ecco di Bergamo and other Italian publications, KILTR-Scotland, Television Nacional de Chile, Russia Today [RT], OnTheNow, Channel One Russia, Rossyya 24, as well as exclusive interviews in main Swedish media, e.g. Dagens Nyheter (DN), SvD, Swedish Radio (SR), Swedish TV Rapport (News) and other Svt-programs, Swedish Channel 5, Expressen, Aftonbladet, etc. He has published columns in Izvestia (Russia) and was a frequent contributor of Global Research (Canada). He has also published op-eds in Dagens Nyheter DN, SvD, Aftonbladet and other main Swedish newspapers. Founder in 2005 of the first blog published by Swedish professors (The Professors’ Blog). His scientific works and books have been cited in about one thousand publications. / By Dr Armando Popa, Dec 2015. (Updated by Dr Lena Oske, Dec 2019).

Editorial Board members:


Mr John Goss, M.A., UK, contribution writer and member of the editorial staff at News Junkie Post. He is a former senior technical author with a strong interest in justice and peace. He has a degree in International Studies and a Masters in English (MLitt) both from the University of Birmingham, UK. John Goss is also a playwright, poet and librettist currently working on a novel built around the life of Russian poet Georgy Vladimirovich Ivanov (1894-1958).



Nozomi Hayase, Ph.D., a native of Japan, is a psychologist, author, columnist, researcher, and First Amendment advocate. Dr Hayase is a former contributing writer to WL Central and has been covering issues of free speech, transparency and the vital role of whistleblowers in global society. Her writing has appeared on diverse outlets such as Counterpunch, CommonDreams, Dissident Voice, Truthout, Global Research and Antiwar.com. Her work has been published in the At Issue Series; The Occupy Movement by Greenhaven Press, Global Issues, Local Arguments by Pearson Education and Krytyka Polityczna Global Activism by Autonome Universität Berlin. She currently resides in the SF Bay Area and is a guest writer at Falkvinge & Co. on Infopolicy, where she explores the role that Bitcoin and other decentralized platforms play in strengthening civil liberties.Twitter: @nozomimagine.



Attorney Andrew Kreig, J.D., M.S.L., is a Washington, DC-based author, investigative reporter, and non-profit executive who founded the Justice Integrity Project (www.justice-integrity.org) to expose threats to democracy and human rights. Active in researching political prosecutions, torture, illegal surveillance, and media bias, his most recent book is Presidential Puppetry: Obama, Romney and their Masters (www.presidentialpuppetry.com). Andrew Kreig began his career as a reporter with the Hartford Courant, America’s oldest (1764) newspaper still in publication, and obtained law degrees from Yale and the University of Chicago. He has since written and spoken widely for mainstream and alternative audiences. These include appearances on more than a hundred commercial broadcast stations, lectures on five continents, and human rights reports for the Huffington Post and The Professors’ Blog.


Dr Lena Oske, M.D., chief medical doctor, representing the board of directors of Swedish Doctors for Human Rights. Dr Oske works as GP. She is also a painting-artist, and a co-author in a variety of articles published at SWEDHR’s Research & Reports. Since 2018, she has also been Acting Chief-Editor in various monthly-issues of The Indicter Magazine.


Dr Armando Popa (21 Sept 1954 – † 20 Dec 2015)

Dr Armando Popa, M.D., was among the first in The Indicter’s team, and contributed as a publishing-coordinator; also a late editor of SWEDHR Research & Reports. An homage in memoriam by SWEDHR’s has been published in Research and Reports.


Professor, med dr Anders Romelsjö (PhD, Karolinska Institutet, Sweden), is professor emeritus at the Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, and also the publisher of a top ranked Swedish political blog, Globalpolitics.se.

Professor Romelsjö is the  vice-chairman of SWEDHR, and also author of numerous debate articles in main Swedish media, such as DN debatt and other newspapers. He is also in the editorial committee of FIB-Kulturfront.











Professor Anders Romelsjö is co-author of the book USA som världspolis.


Mr Sven Ruin, Swedish engineer, is the initiator of Accoun, an organisation focusing on legal equality and accountability as key issues to achieve respect for human rights. See accoun.org

Ms Maj Wechselmann, born in Denmark, is a Swedish author and prize-winner film director and documentary producer. She studied film sciences at the Dramatiska Institute, and also medicine. Maj Wechselmann has participated in the Swedish political debate since the 1970’s. Her prolific production, as well as the prizes she has been bestowed upon are full listed in the bio Wikipedia article Maj Wechselmann. She publishes the site Wechselmann Press , and also her analyses have been published at Jinge.se and at The Professors’ Blog.


Illustrations by Lena Oske and Arte de Noli.

In homage to Dr Armando Popa

Portrait of Pinochet’s prisoner Armando Popa (R.I.P), done at the Quiriquina Camp, 1973. By Marcello Ferrada de Noli

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