Over A Quarter Million Read The Indicter Magazine

By Prof Marcello Ferrada de Noli,


Julian Assange once suggested that the best defence mechanism of Sweden’s media might be the Swedish language, which few elsewhere in the world understand.

The Indicter, most of whose audience is located in the US and other English-speaking countries (see map down-below), has established itself as a rare window through which the secrets of Sweden’s elites can be seen from abroad, as shown by this annual report of our nearly 300,000 site visitors and our compilation of articles.

We analyze and share geopolitical-relevant news about Sweden that otherwise would remain known only by a self-affirming Swedish governing class and commentariat (which we have termed a “Duck Pond” of complacency). Conversely, we give interested Swedes an insight on the international opinions about Sweden, which the state-owned and mainstream media restrict.

The few media sites that published in English from Sweden are heavily financed by the Swedish state and are devoted to a pro-NATO agenda of biased news despite Sweden’s ostensibly neutral status.


While implementing the initiative of founding Swedish Doctors for Human Rights, the need of a publication to allocate our statements did arise. The publication, “SWEDHR Research & Reports”, took the format of a research bulletin and has published so far 57 reports in two volumes. Afterwards, realizing that the journal’s content was referring predominantly to a Swedish thematic – added that some reports were in Swedish- I found necessary to establish a new publication focused on more general geopolitical subjects in a wider international context yet associated with human rights issues.

Ensuing, “The Indicter” was born and it took definitely shape in November-December 2015. Its watchword read from the start:

Other main concern has been, and still is, that Sweden should in the first place consider its sovereignty and survival as a nation, and therefore it should stay away from a NATO membership and instead reinforce a non-aligned geopolitical stance. With its current behaviour, Swedish elites’ are being portraying themselves with having an obtuse, resilient subservient position towards the warmonger Hillary Clinton doctrine. This entail an agenda of provocations from the part of Sweden, carried out by a cohort of politicians and the state-owned and mainstream media.  A characteristic of this NATO-cohort in Sweden is its utter fascist stance, showed in the absolute blockade of fact-based opinions that oppose the NATO bid. One example is the Swedish Twitter hashtag #säkpol, excluding links adversely to its mainstream of NATO collaborateurs.

Behaviours as those described above only may contribute to a further self-destruction image by the part of Sweden.

Furthermore, we insist on that Sweden should abide with the UN decision (UNWGAD) requesting the immediately freedom of Mr Julian Assange, the founder of Wikileaks. Not complying with this resolution put Sweden in a most precarious situation regarding its credibility as “human rights” loving nation.

Analyses and articles

We published N= 81 articles in the period November 2015 – December 2016. The author list below shows n= 89 items in the column “Number of articles” due to that some of the articles are co-authored by 2 or several authors.

First in at the news front in several issues

We were first in describing the illegal detention of Julian Assange after our analysis of the UN Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. The same argument was later developed by UNGWAD.

We were also the first in exposing the unfair (and deceptive) first version in The Guardian of the Stefania Maurizi interview of Julian Assange. Fact acknowledged by author S. Maurizi herself.

Over a quarter of million readers in 2016

We subscribed stats services in April 2016. The counting of visits for the nine months April-December 2016 resulted in N= 220,236. Added a counting for the three first months January-March 2016 (based on the month-average of the nine months, n= 24,470 per month), the estimated number of visits to The Indicter in 2016 results in N= 293,648. Most of viewers are form the U.S.

The Board of Directors

The Board of Directors was split in 2016 in two structures, a) the Executive Editorial Board, and b) The Consultative Editorial Board.

The Indicter Channel

After a discussion and vote in the Board of Directors, we decided to start the project “The Indicter Channel”, aimed to produce interviews and videos on items withing the The Indicter magazine’s area of interests. A number of  22 videos were uploaded in YouTube during 2016, reaching an audience of N= 20,122 views and subscribers N= 103. The recorded Ratio “likes” / “dislikes” is of 34:3. From 2017, The Indicter will have the participation of Mr Erik Sandberg (producer of KILTR channel) who will be of significant help for our channel endeavour.

The Indicter on Twitter

The Twitter account  @The_Indicter was opened a year ago. Since the it has enjoyed the company of 667 followers [retrieved 31 December 2016] while posting only 492 tweets, so far.

Finally, we thank warm and genuinely to all our readers and followers in Twitter, and specially to @wikileaks for the retweets of some of our articles.

The international audiences of The Indicter

Source: Source: Twvocation. Retrieved 1 Jan 2017.

The vast majority of The Indicter Magazine followers (66 percent) are from the US and other English speaking countries, whereas the Swedish audience represent only a 4.9 per cent of the total.

US                    44.8%
UK                   10.1%
Australia          4.1%
Canada            3.7%
South Africa    1.7%
New Zealand   1.5%
Ireland             0.7%

Articles’ authors

Author Number of articles
Greta Breveglieri 1
Suzie Dawson 2
Leif Elinder 2 (added 2 in co-authorship)
Marcello Ferrada de Noli 41
Martin Gelin 3 (in co-authorship)
John Goss 1
Nozomi Hayase 12
Robert Hunziker 1
Andrew Kreig 4
Gary Lord 1
Stefania Maurizi 2  Interview
Gilbert Mercier 4
Edu Montesanti 1 Interview
Lena Oske 2 (in co-authorship)
Lynn Prentice 1
Anders Romelsjö 3 (added 2 in co-authorship)
Floyd Rudmin 1 (in co-authorship)
Sven Ruin 1 (in co-authorship)
Erik Sandberg 1  Interview
Hirsh Seymour 1
Jón Karl Stefánsson 1 (in co-authorship)
Maj Wechselmann 2
Mike Whitney 1
Old Wolf 1



The Indicter is a non-sponsored and independent outlet. Since our take off in November 2015, and until today, we have been able to cover the publication expenses by own private funds.


Happy New Year to All

Human Rights for All

Marcello Ferrada de Noli