West academics and journalists right to answering interviews in Russian outlets is protected by UN Human Rights Chart

By Prof. Marcello Ferrada de Noli

At the brink of its proxy-war collapse in Ukraine, NATO disinformation-site “The Insider” (Latvia-based) defame ad-hominem West academics and journalists for answering interviews in Russian outlets.

I rebutted that position of “Insider” et al in a recent interview on “Assange VS Zelensky for Nobel Peace Prize”, in the part dealing with anybody’s right –guaranteed by UN Human Rights Chart– to express opinions in any outlets regardless of frontiers. (See video further below).

In my case, Insider argues that my opinions in Channel 1 on false claims by White Helmets ref. “spread of injuries” cause by a “gas attack” in Syria, were done by a “Chilean psychiatrist and ultra-leftist politician”. Truth: I did it as Swedish emeritus professor of epidemiology, esp. injury-epidemiology.

And, BTW, the White Helmets false claims were later also dismissed by US, respective France defence ministers.

Link to the propaganda article by “Insider” ref. West academics & journalists:

  1. The list (and “interactive” map of location) https://fakesperts.theins.ru/
  2. The article https://theins.ru/en/politics/265523

Link to the interview-video & article by Russian Channel 1, referred by Insider:


  Video above: “Democracy and Freedom of Expression in the EU”. Part 4 of interview 3 October 2023. Click here or image above to watch video

Here below the English translation of the Channel One article

Chemistry of deception: the organization “Swedish Doctors for Human Rights” about footage that the West considers evidence of Syria’s guilt in using prohibited weapons

Translated from Химия обмана: организация «Шведские врачи за права человека» о кадрах, которые Запад считает доказательством вины Сирии в применении запрещенного оружия


Click om image or here for the Channel 1 video

This evening, uncomfortable questions have arisen about the video that became the reason for the American strike on an air base in Syria. Footage of children allegedly killed by a chemical attack by Syrian troops in the province of Idlib was viewed by the head of the Swedish Doctors for Human Rights organization.

The professional opinion of these doctors once made it possible to expose such a staged story. Two years ago. Both then and now, the videos have the same source – the White Helmets organization, which calls itself humanitarian, but constantly appears in various scandals when it comes to Syria.

According to the British newspaper The Independent, Donald Trump gave the command to launch missiles under the influence of his daughter Ivanka, who had seen enough photographs that appeared to be from Idlib. Videos are not photographs; you can see more, especially if you look carefully and knowledgeably.

These shots are truly hard to watch. They claim that they are the main evidence of guilt. These children, they tell us, are victims of the use of chemical weapons by Syrian aircraft in the city of Khan Sheikhoun on April 4. And they even call the poisonous substance sarin gas. But is a short video really enough to draw such clear conclusions? After all, there were no international experts there on the spot. And this video, when viewed carefully, casts doubt on such serious accusations. For example, it is not clear why most of those providing assistance do not have basic protective equipment, such as gloves.

“Sarin affects the skin, you just can’t touch the skin, so it’s contaminated, just like the air,” says Marcello Ferrada de Noli, chairman of Swedish Doctors for Human Rights.

Marcello de Noli – professor, doctor of medical sciences. One of the most authoritative scientists in Sweden. He taught at Harvard. Now Marcello de Noli is the chairman of the public organization “Swedish Doctors for Human Rights”. The professor found a video from Khan Sheikhoun on the website of the White Helmets organization. Its volunteers work only in areas occupied by the Syrian opposition. The scientist shows photographs from a month ago. In it, the White Helmets pose in chemical protective suits. If they exist, why haven’t the volunteers used them now, wonders Marcello de Noli. And here is a video of the White Helmets from Khan Sheikhoun. The very fact that there is a smell contradicts the statement of the author of the video that the children are victims of sarin poisoning, says Marcello de Noli. “You can’t smell the sarin. There are no signs of sarin. “I wonder why Western journalists ignore obvious facts, why governments make decisions based on fake videos,” says Marcello Ferrada de Noli, chairman of the Swedish Doctors for Human Rights.

This is not the first time that Swedish Doctors have found such contradictions in materials made by the White Helmets. Here is a video shown by CNN in March 2015. The report says that the victims were brought to the hospital from the village of Sarmin in Idlib province. Syrian aviation, according to the correspondent, dropped bombs there from a helicopter. Here is also a video on the Internet. In the upper left corner is the White Helmets sign. Specialists from the organization “Swedish Doctors for Human Rights” call the rescuers’ actions suspicious. It’s all in the syringe. Instead of pressing the plunger, it is injected from side to side. Judging by the symptoms, doctors assumed that the boy had really serious poisoning. Only, apparently, it’s a narcotic, not a chemical. Experts come to the conclusion: either doctors do not know what to do, or this is not a life-saving operation.

“The main motive for the existence of the White Helmets is to form a certain image of the Syrian government for the public. Their goal is to create it through video and photography. In this context, this is real propaganda. They are doing this instead of saving lives,” says Marcello Ferrada de Noli, chairman of Swedish Doctors for Human Rights.

Many experts saw the same oddities in the behavior of doctors in the footage filmed in April of this year in Khan Sheikhoun. “Patients are brought to the emergency department in clothes. As a rule, the threat of infection of personnel arises,” says Viktor Shilov, head of the department of toxicology and extreme medicine of North-Western State Medical University named after I. I. Mechnikov.

It is alleged that air bombs were dropped on the city. But then why doesn’t anyone show the fragments? “Here you can’t see oily liquid getting on the skin of the children’s bodies,” says Vladimir Zaitsev, former head of the radiation chemical biological protection service of the Airborne Forces. And most importantly, sarin is extremely poisonous. The victim suffers from convulsions. This is not on the video.

“Some victims are foaming, others are not. If there was sarin, then everyone would have foam. Among the victims there are many men and children, but not women; apparently, Assad’s chemical weapons do not affect them. All this leads to certain thoughts that this is a staged video,” says military expert Igor Nikulin. A staged video has been passed off as real footage more than once. It was the same with these photographs. The photographs were published with loud headlines: a bloodied girl from Aleppo is a victim of a Syrian air raid. In fact, all this is decoration. Filmed in Egypt. More than once, the White Helmets organization became the authors of staged videos. They were the ones who managed to save the same girl three times – the girl was being carried by different people in three different places.

Now serious doubts have arisen regarding the latest video made by the White Helmets in Khan Sheikhoun, Syria.