Nomination of Julian Assange for Nobel Peace Prize 2023

. By Prof Marcello Ferrada de Noli.

The Norwegian Nobel Institute today confirmed [see below] they have received my nomination of Julian Paul Assange for the Nobel Peace Prize 2023. The submission process required a motivation for the nomination, limited to 2,000 characters inclusive spaces [Doc. 1 Motivation]. An extra PDF document was attached to the submission [Doc. 2 Linked notes].


Doc. 1 Motivation

Nomination of Julian Assange for the Nobel Peace Prize 2023

Approaching Nobel Peace Prize 2023, let us pay attention to the crossroad where humanity soon be. It is few steps away from the current war news.

“Peace”, modern name for Latin “Pax”, means “pact”. Geopolitically: to reach a pact to end or avoid war.

Paradoxically, NATO’s Jens Stoltenberg advocates to intensify war to end war. Pyrrhus of Epirus, “winner” of the Asculum battle (279 BC) would agree. Such thesis harbours a most lethal outcome: More weapons, more killing. More protracting, more casualties, more widows and orphans. A wrong choice tomorrow, it could mean no lives at all…

For soon, we must choose between reason and nuclear holocaust –“Pax” or unrecovered annihilation. And nevertheless being a matter of life or death for populations of billions –for entire families and their prospect of future offspring– that decision will not to be taken by themselves. That ultimate choice is to be taken by political elites. E.g., in the EU, where deciding leaders have not been voted by the people composing the Union’s countries.

All which lead us to the Democracy issue.

Again, from Greek “Demos” (people) and “Kratos” (rule). The modern world has witnessed myriad of wars, most of them initiated by ‘kratos’ elites, most of them unelected. And essentially with the help of lies.

“If war can be started by lies, peace can be started by truth ” (Julian Assange, Trafalgar Square, London 2011).

The one pioneering the only antidot against wars based on deception, merits the Nobel Peace Prize.

Transparency has been his sword, made of powerful doves. May them fly carrying that message across all continents.

Make those in power accountable and to acknowledge the truth. Julian Assange’s revelations regarding otherwise hidden war crimes, are countless. List of such exposures is publicly known.

As I said a decade ago, “Wikileaks is a lifeboat for democracy”. For transparency will lead not only to accountability, but to a reason-based world peace. Now needed most than ever in view to a nuclear menace.

Let us save democracy.

Prof Marcello Ferrada de Noli


Doc. 2 Linked notes

Nomination of Julian Assange Nobel Peace Prize 2023 by Prof Marcello Ferrada de Noli -pdf





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