Ukrainian forces shelling on Donbass during Easter killed 15 civilians and injured 42

By Marcello Ferrada de Noli

Through all the EU, Easter celebrations fill streets, squares, churches & stores, just days after our governments –at the US request– agreed replenish deadly ammunition to Ukraine artillery. So, all the while these festivities, the killing of Donbass civilians reassumed unabated –which  constitutes war crime.

“Nuclear bombs hit Hiroshima & Nagasaki, JAPANESE SAY”

–Would the above be an honest U.S. media headline?

–Of course not, that would be only media-spin, intended to mean: “it could be just Japanese propaganda”.

Facts are facts –as it is shown in these videos here. Which also indicates how West media over and over again underreports Ukraine’s deeds in the war –what international law would categorize as  war crimes.


NOTE: In the video below I have removed all scenes where human corpses or injured individuals are not fully veiled. A full, unclipped version follows below.

An uncut version here below: