The Odessa massacre. Who was killed, by whom, why?

Above: Martyr of the fascist Odessa massacre of 2nd May 2014, by Arte de Noli

Posted by Prof. Marcello Ferrada de Noli

I. The Odessa massacre of 2 May 2014

(Warning for extreme images)

The Odessa massacre of 2 May 2014. Uncut version

II. Documentary “Burnt Alive in Odessa”, containing most valuable witnesses-testimonies of direct participants/survivors of the Odessa events

Burnt Alive in Odessa – Part I

Burnt Alive in Odessa – Part II

Burnt Alive in Odessa – Part III


Below: Young women wrapped with the Ukraine flag prepare cocktails Molotov that will be thrown against the  people under siege, and forced locked in the building from outside – to burn them alive

young women preparing cocktails odessa fire

new video to blogg

– This video (click on the image above to view it. Video uploaded with VLC application) appeared on YouTube late night on the 14th May 2014 – uploaded by an account of name Brogorovic Ivan. I happened to be the first one viewing the video, so I shared the link in Twitter. Soon afterwards, YouTube removed the video. I had managed however to capture it and saved it.



odessa blogg1 in cicledI posted this on Twitter, May 4th 2014, using all available evidence that had emerged up to that date. The text refers to the video above.

events in odessa by profeblogg.jpg_large


Beating wounded survivors

beating a survivorZCUAArTXb.jpg_large


finishog up

The still video below (see the whole video by clicking the image) shows, among other a) “Ukrainian activists” finishing up survivors that manage to scape the building on fire, killing them with baseball bats (man in circle on the image); b) a woman who survived is interviewed and confirms that the Ukrainian activists entered the building after set it on fire throwing some semi-asphyxiated people from the windows. Also explains that among the death found inside the building, some of them had bullet wounds.


burning tire to Odessa fireUkrainian nationalists bring a burning tire to the building

This  still image corresponds to frame 0:40 of a video posted in YouTube, and which has not got much viewers (only 160 viewers up to this date) despite it was uploaded on the very 2nd of May. The video is call in Russian “В Одессе правосеки штурмуют Дом профсоюзов 02 05 2014 Украина”, which means (free transl.) “Provocateurs storm the Trade Unions Building in Odessa, Ukraine, 2 May 2014.” The link provided to @Professorsblogg by Anna Shlyapnikova ‏(@shlyapnikova).


odessa massacre what really happened

Click on image above for a seriously documented video-material posted later in YouTube (May 12, 2014).

And for additional documentation, here in this link_


 “Bloodbath in Odessa guided by interim rulers of Ukraine”

Two relevant articles on the background of the Odessa bloodbath in