Today, is nine years since the Ukraine Army’s slaughter of Mariupol civilians 9 May 2014 –Unarmed civilians shot & killed at close range

By Prof Marcello Ferrada de Noli

The Ukraine Army’s slaughter of Mariupol civilians 9 May 2014: unarmed civilians shot & killed at close range appeared first in the Professors´Blogg, May 10, 2014. This update contains a new video documenting the massacre.

mariupol enter

By Prof. Marcello Ferrada de Noli

The Ukraine Junta, instigated by the US government and some EU leaders – among them most prominently instigator Swedish FM Carl Bildt – says it is at war against the “terrorist” in their own country, in East Ukraine. If The Junta and accomplices in EU are waging a “war”, what it is shown here below constitutes WAR crimes.

This sequence-analysis is based in a variety of videos documenting the slaughter in Mariupol yesterday 9th of May 2014, at the anniversary of the victory of the Soviet Army over the Nazi forces in WW-2. See reference list.


The time-frames correspond to the video “Мариуполь СМЕРТЕЛЬНЫЙ ИСХОД. 9 мая перестрелка возле ПУМБ”.[1] Click on image below for a larger view.


marioupol frontier


The following screen-stills are from three different, independent videos.

They depict the shooting and/killing of three other civilians. All of them unarmed.


Sequence of another civilian shoot at by the Ukraine Army soldiers

This man is just going out from the house.

c4, 4.00 shot at

But he is shot at once, by the soldiers (a bid up to the right in the street)

Someone pulled the man back to the entrance of the house

c6, 4.05, is pulled inside

c7, 4.10 pulled more inside


Soldiers seen at less than 80 meters from the people. The woman is holding her cellular and taking a video.

soldiers b serie


Sequence of a civilian walking with arms extended, unarmed.

lenina b2-b


Soldiers shooting

soldiers shotIn the centre of the image: Man lying on the pavement, by the yellow chair



Sequence of yet another civilian down by bullets fired at close range

Young man with light blue jacket, standing. Soldiers at right in the picture

lenina2Soldiers shoot, the young man is going down.

lenina 3-4-

lenina 5


Image below: The man (first from left) with jeans and hands in the pockets of his dark-blue jacket, will be shot at and killed by the Ukrainian soldiers just seconds after. His dead body in image down below

the one killed on the headThe same man (second from left)

2nd pic the one died

shot colr


Another video [4] showing this civilian shot at by Ukraine Army vehicles while passing by Lenina Ave.

pass -0 pass 0 passs 1 pass2 pas3


Here below a chart by Davie Ewan Macdonald ‏[@escalatorover]

macdonaöd AAcsz.jpg_large

References, sources

[1] “Мариуполь СМЕРТЕЛЬНЫЙ ИСХОД. 9 мая перестрелка возле ПУМБ”.

[2] “Shootout During Antiterrorist Operation In Mariupol Eastern Ukraine, May 9 2014″.

[3] “9 мая, в Мариуполе люди идут на солдат: есть жертвы“.

[4] “Evidence of War Crimes in Mariupol fascists 09/05/14.”

4 thoughts on “The Ukraine Army’s slaughter of Mariupol civilians 9 May 2014: unarmed civilians shot at & killed at close range”

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  3. It’s a fact : Ukrainian militaries shot at civilians and this is unforgettable. But look at video at 2’09” : one of protesters is holding a gun, whereas others are preparing Molotov cocktails. By the way, one of the potesters clearly asks them to stop provocating. So I believe that most of the protesters where pacific, but not all of them. Anyway I agree that Ukrainian soldiers acted illegaly.