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How To Understand Political Sex Scandal Allegations

How To Understand Political Sex Scandal Allegations By Andrew Kreig. Director of Justice Integrity Project and member of The Indicter Editorial Board. Beginning March 23, the National Enquirer published two major stories claiming that 2016 presidential contender Ted Cruz had had affairs with five women, thereby undermining his claims of conservative, moral leadership. Today’s column […]

The Panama Papers – Oozing Slime

. By Robert Hunziker, MA in Economic History. The Panama Papers, a one-year investigation by over 100 reporters worldwide (The International Consortium of Investigative Journalism) of offshore money hiding/laundering/taxation avoidance, is a cause célèbre of underhandedness seldom, if ever, revealed to the world’s public. It is comparable to lifting a rotting log in the woods […]

Six Year Anniversary of WikiLeaks Collateral Murder; A Celebration of Free Speech

By Nozomi Hayase PhD Member of The Indicter Editorial Board Above, Wikileaks-video “Collateral Damage”. Only this upload by Sunshinepress (there are several others uploads) seen already by over 15 million  among English-speaking Youtube viewers. It produced a markedly change – or statistical significant –  in the public attitude towards the occupation wars in the Midle […]