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Are Globalists Losing Ground?

by Gilbert Mercier. Death might be the ultimate equalizer, but in the case of David Rockefeller, considerable wealth brought unacceptable privilege and made  survival to illness obscene by any moral or even medical ethics standards. On August 24, 2016, David Rockefeller received his 7th heart transplant which made him, besides being the grandson of the United […]

Shocking: Swedish State TV broadcast propaganda for jihadist-terrorist organizations operating in Syria

By Professor Anders Romelsjö. Swe TV anchor added blunt propaganda to the propaganda-movie “Cries for Syria”: “Your documentary contains some of most outrageous scenes I have ever seen”, says Anna Hedmo to Afineevsky. The Swe TV program not called “AGENDA” for nothing. Editors Note: Just days after the propaganda movie “Cries for Syria” was released, […]