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From Watergate to Russiagate: the Hidden Scandal of American Power

By Nozomi Hayase, Ph.D. Member of The Indicter Editorial Board. Click on image above for video Political corruption often leads to a constitutional crisis. The Watergate scandal that took down Richard Nixon shook up American politics. Over four decades later, we are now seeing another scandal associated with campaign officials. Dubbed “Russiagate”, a liberal media […]

Welcome to Hell for Capitalists Who Wreck and Exploit

By Gilbert Mercier, Associate Editor at The Indicter Magazine. Anti-capitalist and anti-globalist protesters, by the thousands, have greeted world leaders and their entourage in Hamburg, Germany, for the G20 summit. About 15,000 demonstrated on Thursday, July 6, 2017, and the riot police cracked down on them with water cannons set on armored vehicles. The local police […]