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From Timisoara to Khan Shaykhun. Part I: The Staged-Massacre Routine for Regime Change

By Prof Marcello Ferrada de Noli. Chair, Swedish Doctors for Human Rights Introduction. This investigation aims to inquire into the staged-massacre routine and similar false flag operations implemented by Western powers to justify military and/or political interventions for regime change. The series comprises: I) The Staged-Massacre Routine for Regime Change; II) Role of Western media […]

Channel 4: Preposterous conflating of White Helmets with Grenfell Tower firefighters heroes

By Vanessa Beeley Before the Grenfell Tower blaze had died down to a smouldering monument to the tragic death of possibly hundreds of, so far, unidentified victims, trapped in the molten edifice, Channel 4 produced a programme showcasing the Al Qaeda affiliated White Helmets, holding up banners in “solidarity” with the London firefighters tackling the […]

UOSSM admits that doctor reporting alleged Khan Shaykhun ‘aerial attack’ was not qualified to do that

Executive Officer of Union of Medical Care and Relief Organizations (UOSSM) in Geneva, organization closely associated with the White Helmets operations in Syria, tells that “missiles from the sky” carried the alleged gas-attack, according to their source. By Professor emeritus Marcello Ferrada de Noli, PhD. Chair, SWEDHR This article reports on unique statements given to SWEDHR […]

Multiple eyewitnesses documented on recent massacre in Rashidin, Syria. RT interview with Vanessa Beeley

Editors Note: We republish here the RT report “Terrorists & rebels lured evacuees out of buses with snacks before blast – Aleppo attack witnesses“, which reveals further details on the massacre that took place recently in Rashidin, Syria, leaving over hundred civilian fatalities.  The report is based in an investigative work by journalist Vanessa Beeley. […]