On the anniversary of the “Bucha massacre”. Evidence based or hoax?

By Prof Marcello Ferrada de Noli

Documentary video


My take on all these allegations done by the Ukraine government about massacres in Bucha, or Chernihiv, is:

Allegations on mass execution of civilians concerns a war-crime of severe magnitude. The same referred to executions of prisoners of war.

For the above reason, these allegations should be investigated by INDEPENDENT professional institutions, unbiased, and with participation of experts from all the parties involved in the allegations.

If the crimes are established, those found guilty should be punished. If instead is proven that the imputations are a hoax, its authors should be punished. The same regarding the EU politicians –or any other– that would have contributed to this or any other propaganda hoax.

See also in The Indicter, the must read Questions Abound About Bucha Massacreby Joe Lauria.