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On the anniversary of the “Bucha massacre”. Evidence based or hoax?

By Prof Marcello Ferrada de Noli Documentary video   My take on all these allegations done by the Ukraine government about massacres in Bucha, or Chernihiv, is: Allegations on mass execution of civilians concerns a war-crime of severe magnitude. The same referred to executions of prisoners of war. For the above reason, these allegations should […]

Douma Chemical Massacre – How the Victims were Killed, by Whom, and Why

By Adam Larson Editor’s note: A complete version of Adam Larson’s in-depth analysis on the Douma chemical massacre of 7 April 2018, can be found at Monitor on Massacre Marketing. WARNING: GRAPHIC IMAGES The latest report from the OPCW’s Investigation and Identification Team (IIT) on the 2018 Douma chemical massacre maintains the blame on Syria’s […]

Behind the masks of the Maidan revolution

By Prof Marcello Ferrada de Noli, chief-editor The Indicter here republish the documentary by Paul Moreira, “Les Masques de la Révolution – (The Masks of the Revolution”), which describes dramatic situations around the Maidan revolt, the participation of Nazi formations, the 2014 coup orchestrated by the US Department of State –in particular Victoria Nuland’s prominent […]