This is why U.S. Congress new billions to Zelensky are to no avail

The U.S. Congress have recently approved a further funding of $60 billion for their NATO proxy-war in Ukraine.
 By Professor Emeritus Marcello Ferrada de Noli

USA spent over $600 billion* to finance a corrupt South Vietnam govt and own military intervention. But US lost the war 1975, panicky fleeing Saigon.

Same year, US sent $490 million to fund proxy UNITA and ally in Angola civil war. But the US and ally Apartheid-SouthAfrica lost the war. It was won by the MPLA with help of Cuban forces.

The U.S. Congress approved in 1984–86, 149 million to fund the CIA/Contras war in Nicaragua. But the Sandinistas won that war too.

The U.S. Congress approved $288 billion in 2001-2006 to fund the #Iraq war (where 200,000 Iraqi civilians died). US Def. Dept’s spending on that war totalled $757.8 billion. But ultimately, US troops had to leave peremptorily because Iraq government’s request.

Then, they sent $81.6 billion to fund the Afghanistan war, which US and its local proxies also lost, in panic, repeating the Saigon scenes.

So, now the U.S. Congress approved further $60 billion package to fund the Zelensky government and NATO proxy-war in Ukraine. But they shall inexorably lose this war too. The history of Congress war-appropriations and its results, those I personally recall across my age, indicates so. Besides, #Russia is already winning –as it did in 1945.


Because, contrary to what West propaganda intended to conceal, Russians started fighting for their ethnic siblings in Donbass. And now it is again for their essential survival as a nation.

They have the partisan motivation of millions of volunteers, and are not depending of conscripts resulted of forced mobilization. And they are a people holding high the collective memory of the patriotic sacrifices that led to their Victory over fascism. And because they are conscious that they are, again, fighting the Nazi. The Nazi, neo-Nazi and fascist ideology among Ukrainian ranks is a reality, regardless how much West media wished to whitewash.

The Russians fight for a motherland, for a solid cultural system led by ethic-minded leaders. For sound values which identify a whole society. Its own idiosyncrasy. Whereas the enemy is led by US/EU puppet-elites in many cases involved in personal appropriation of foreign aid (and who resist accountability). An elite fomenting an imported system of anomic social and family values.

Also, because Russians have their own means to sustain a war. They are not dependent on the charity of foreign patrons.

And because the average Ukrainians are tired of been used, lied to, deprived themselves of true #democracy and civil rights, while they are forced to die for some “Western freedom” and “democratic values” they do not get themselves.

Instead, they are deprived of regular elections amidst a new system born out a recent coup d’ètat (2014), divested of a free press, of free trade unions, robbed of their ecumenical religion rights. And in a country where the number of people imprisoned has threefold increased during the Zelensky regime.

Lastly, because more NATO weaponry sent to Ukraine, as experience has shown repeatedly in these two years, it will only mean more NATO weaponry destroyed by an ever-increasing accuracy from the part of the RFAF.

Not to mention that the strategic situation in the front is by this time irreversible in favour of the Russian forces. Even Western military analysts have come to recognize that.

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This is why Russia initiated military operations in Ukraine:
*Note. $ in 2024 US dollars