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Fake News and Massacre Marketing in the Rohingya Crisis – PART I: Questioning the Massacre Stories

By Adam Larson   Editor’s Note: This series comprises the following sections, which will be published successively: Part 1. Introduction to Questioning the Massacre Stories Part 2: Men in Black at Kha Maung Seik: A Massacre BY Rohingya? Part 3: Other Massacre Stories that Fall Apart (and conclusion)  . Part 1 Introduction to Questioning the […]

THE WHITE HELMETS WHITEWASHING STORY – PART II: White Helmets’ Apologists Deconstructed

By Eva Bartlett, Associate Editor at The Indicter Magazine. Editor’s Note: The opinions in this analysis are solely author Eva Bartlett’s. The actual conclusions by doctors at SWEDHR in regards to the White Helmets materials are found in this statement and its accompanied links. / Dr Lena Oske MD, The Indicter Acting Editor and member […]

Replying to Expressen editorial on SWEDHR independent, fact-based stances

  SWEDHR chair answers to Expressen’s editorial by Patrik Oksanen: [A Swedish version (original) of the text below is found in SWEDHR Research & Reports] An editorial in Swedish newspaper Expressen December 31, 2017, authored by Patrik Oksanen, contains inaccurate information regarding Swedish Doctors for Human Rights (SWEDHR), and about me personally. 1. SWEDHR has […]