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The UK Ministry of Defence Responds on The Training Programme for Ukrainians

By Nina Cross, from The Indicter editorial team. In our first article we addressed the Johnson government’s programme for the military training of Ukrainian new recruits in the UK.  We expressed our concern that those being sent back to Ukraine to fight on the frontlines against Russian artillery were being fast-tracked to a high probability […]

Geopolitics of the immoral pandemic

An epidemiological and geopolitical analysis of Western powers illicit campaigns in the COVID-19 vaccine front By Marcello Ferrada de Noli, Swedish professor emeritus of epidemiology, former research fellow at Harvard Medical School, and founder of the geopolitical magazine The Indicter. It is said that Nikita Khruschev once stated, “The survivors would envy the dead”. Nevertheless […]

Justice for Assange publishes revealing press conference on Marianne Ny’s case against Julian Assange. Full transcript

Editor’ note: In view of the recent ruling of the Stockholm court with regards to the illegitimate case against Mr Julian Assange, we have decided to publish in full the transcript of the press conference given by Marianne Ny on the 7 of September, material which we have found in the site Justice for Assange. The […]

Statement by Swedish Doctors for Human Rights on Swedish court decision ref. illegitimate case against Mr Julian Assange.

By Prof Dr Marcello Ferrada de Noli, chairman; Prof Dr Anders Romelsjö, vice chairman; Dr. Lena Oske, Board of Directors; and Doctors Martin Gelin and Leif Elinder. The case pursued by the Swedish prosecution authority against the founder of WikiLeaks has been declared illegitimate by the United Nations expert-panel on arbitrary detention. The ruling established […]

‘Kurdish Peshmerga drive away Arabs, and allow U.S. to establish air base in northern Syria’

By Prof. Anders Romelsjö. Member of SWEDHR’s Board of Directors, and The Indicter Editorial Board. The public Swedish Radio reported on January 22, 2016, under the headline “Amnesty: Kurdish forces violate international law. It could be a war crime” that Amnesty International visited a number of villages in northern Iraq and interviewed more than 100 […]