‘Kurdish Peshmerga drive away Arabs, and allow U.S. to establish air base in northern Syria’

By Prof. Anders Romelsjö. Member of SWEDHR’s Board of Directors, and The Indicter Editorial Board. The public Swedish Radio reported on January 22, 2016, under the headline “Amnesty: Kurdish forces violate international law. It could be a war crime” that Amnesty International visited a number of villages in northern Iraq and interviewed more than 100 […]

Geneva Convention: Assassination of the parachuting Russian pilot was a war crime

. By Professor Marcello Ferrada de Noli. Chairman, Swedish Doctors for Human Rights. US State Dept on assassination of Russian pilot Lieutenant-Colonel Oleg Peshkov: “If these Turkmen were actually being attacked by these Russian strikes, they have every right to defend themselves.”/ Mark C. Toner, deputy spokesperson, at the daily press briefing 24 Nov 2015. […]

Swedish Doctors for Human Rights on biased allegations of ‘war crimes’ put forward by Amnesty International against Russia

By Professor Marcello Ferrada de Noli Ph.D. Chairman, Swedish Doctors for Human Rights (SWEDHR)   I. Introduction   ““It is important to look at the nature of Amnesty itself in terms of the credibility of its reporting. For a large part of this Syria conflict, Amnesty, particularly here in its London office, has made no […]

Obama Revises Disastrous ISIS, Syria Policies

By Andrew Kreig, J.D. Director of Washington-based Justice Integrity Project and member of The Indicter Editorial Board. The Obama administration in December ramped up military actions against Islamic State terrorists — and also sharply downgraded its failing campaign to overthrow Syria’s government and to demonize Russia’s. A key juncture occurred when Secretary of State John […]

Sweden VS. Assange – 5 years of historic human rights transgressions

  Editorial. By Professor Marcello Ferrada de Noli Ph.D., editor-in-chief. This issue focus on the Swedish case VS Assange. We present analyses and updates on this remarkable long-standing breach against the human rights of Mr Julian Assange, and partly on the organization he founded for the benefit of World democracy, the institution WikiLeaks. The United […]

Prosecutor Marianne Ny is just embarrassing the Swedish legal system

by Lynn Prentice. Swedish Chief-Prosecutor Ms Marianne Ny With all of the drama surrounding the Wikileaks release of US government diplomatic wires which I and others do not find surprising. What has been intriguing me more is the behavior of Sweden’s chief prosecutor Marianne Ny. The available information on her charges and actions against Julian […]

Whistleblowers expose themselves to considerable risks. They deserve our support

We must stand up for a free debate, the right to privacy, the right to an openness in the workplace and opportunities to demand accountability. By Dr Leif Elinder, Prof Marcello Ferrada de Noli, and Prof Anders Romelsjö. Swedish Doctors for Human Rights (SWEDHR) Whistleblowers are necessary for a vibrant democracy. It’s about people who […]

Julian Assange: “The Swedish preliminary investigation is a judicial scandal; it has been used to divert attention from the US espionage case’ – Interview

By Stefania Maurizi Journalist at L’Espresso* Five years after ‘Collateral Murder’, the secret US military video which made the Pentagon furious and WikiLeaks famous around the world, l’Espresso meets the WikiLeaks founder in the Ecuadorian embassy in London where he is holed up to ask whether he has changed his mind and goals In a […]