The persecution of Assange is only the beginning of a vengeful overt war on journalism

Through the pretext of ‘Russian disinformation about Ukraine’, we are now witness to the secrecy-obsessed collapsing empire’s contempt for its own people as the US, EU and Britain shut down media outlets that might challenge their message: we must loathe Russia and want its destruction.  The Indicter editorial, by Nina Cross .Today, 11th April 2022, […]

Are Criminals Running the Jail house? Former Prime Ministers Tony Blair, Gordon Brown  and David Cameron milk the Ukraine crisis

Former British leaders who should be investigated for their role in starting illegal wars are using the opportunity of the Russia Ukraine crisis to paint themselves as heroes and protectors.  Op-ed by Nina Cross Powerful British figures are using the crisis as an opportunity to remanufacture their image.  We must ask: Is it the insane […]

Doctores Suecos por los Derechos Humanos (SWEDHR) analizan la situación en Ucrania, sus causas y posible solución

El consejo directivo de SWDHR ha deliberado (7-9 de Marzo 2022) sobre la situación en Ucrania. Dado que el derecho humano supremo es el derecho a la vida, Swedhr, por definición, siempre se ha opuesto a la guerra como medio para resolver conflictos geopolíticos. Basados ​​en los mismos principios, esta vez el Consejo de Directores […]

Swedish Doctors for Human Rights –Analysis of the Ukraine situation, its causes and possible solution

SWEDHR board  of directors has deliberated on the situation in Ukraine. As the utmost human right is the right to life, Swedish Doctors for Human Rights, per definition, has always opposed war as means to solve geopolitical conflicts. Based on the same principles, this time a resolution was taken by the  majority of the board […]

New FOI responses confirm the British government’s media campaign against Julian Assange

By Nina Cross Acting chief editor of The Indicter This article revisits the ‘The role of the BBC in the state-sponsored persecution of Julian Assange. Part 1’ in light of relevant FOI responses we have received from the British government (linked to below). They confirm that Jeremy Hunt’s BBC interview on 11th April 2019 was […]