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Migrant Crisis in Europe: The West Is Collecting on Its Misdeeds in Iraq, Libya and Syria

by Gilbert Mercier Editor in chief of News Junkie Post, replies to questions at Sputnik’s “Red Line“ hosted by Andrew Korybko.* . Andrew Korybko: What are you thoughts on President Putin’s assessment that this refugee crisis should have been expected and is due to the West’s failing foreign policies in the Mid-East? Gilbert Mercier: I […]

The war in Syria is the result of a US-planned intervention

By Professor Anders Romelsjö Ph.D.. Editor-in-Chief of the ‘radical-left’ magazine Flamman wrote recently in her editorial column, “Putin has allied with al-Assad, although his regime is the root of the senseless violence against civilians in Syria”. This commonly assessment of Assad’s role is incorrect, and it can be seen as part of the US propaganda […]

Causes of the Syria war and its relationships with EU refugee crisis, Paris attacks

By Prof Marcello Ferrada de Noli, editor-in-chief. The Indicter magazine is a publication after an initiative of Swedish Doctors for human Rights. I have received the responsibility by the Editorial board of The Indicter of being the magazine’s Editor-in-Chief. I am honoured with the task of presenting to the public this first issue, comprised by […]